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    CCC "See and Treat" Global Trainees

    Meet a Few of Our Vietnam Trainees

    Graduates from the Phyllis and Bart Cohen Clinic in Mong Cai, Vietnam

    Mong Cai is a province in North Vietnam sharing a border with China. Pictured here are 10 of our trainees in the Phyllis and Bart Cohen Clinic in Vietnam. This picture was taken in the March 2017 Vietnam trip in which we were excited to revisit all of our clinics. These trainees were actually trained two months earlier by Dr. Dzung, the Director of Reproductive Health in Quang Ninh province. We evaluated their understanding of the See and Treat method and it worked great! Looks like Dr. Dzung did a great job! We are were so excited to see that our training model is successful! Thank you Dr. Dzung!

    Meet a Few of Our Haitian Trainees

    In the midst of a clinic we stopped to take this Graduation Photo of our 8 newest trainees in Haiti! It was a long week but it was worth it! On this trip in Jan 2017 we trained healthcare professionals all over Haiti including 3 doctors and 5 nurses in See and Treat.

    Meet a Few of Our Guatemala Trainees

    Guatemala Trainees

    Delia Maribel Putul

    Delia Maribel

    “Hi! My name is Delia, and I have been a nurse in the Tactic region for five years. I am so happy to attend training with CCC. This was a very interesting workshop. It gives people a chance to have screening for a preventable disease that women are dying from. Thank you for taking our people into account.”

    Eva Annabella Co Tot-Distrito

    Eva Annabella

    “Hello, I am Annabella. I have been performing Pap smears for 7 years, but have never learned VIA, and VIA has never been performed in my clinic. I am so happy to learn this procedure. In my community, we never receive missions, and there is rarely a chance to improve our knowledge. Thank you, CCC, for coming to Coban!”

    Ingris Winter-Distrito

    Ingris Winter

    “Hello, my name is Ingris, and I have been a nurse for 4 years in the Lanquin region. I would like to thank CCC for considering Guatemala’s smaller communities for your clinics. It is good for our population to have screening, as people aren’t aware that they may be at risk for cervical cancer because they don’t have symptoms.”

    Meet a Few of Our China Trainees

    Hekou, China

    Hekou is located at the very southern edge of China, at the Vietnam border. There is a large population of rural women here who do not have access to adequate healthcare. Pictured above is: Zhang Jian Ping, Liang Fang Ping, Zhuo Wei Jun, Pan Hang Yang, and Chen Li Juan.

    Shiping, China

    Photo May 12, 9 24 03 PM

    Pictured above are 12 gynecologists, certified in cryotherapy, in the rural Yunnan Province of southern China. Gynecologists include: Yang Wenli, Luo Rungkun, Ang Fen, Yang Jiao, Zhang Qing, Zhu Ling, Li Meibo, He Zhengying, Li Yunmei, Yang Li Ping, Zheng Ping, and Cui Meng.

    Lianyungang, China


    Lianyungang is part of the Jiangsu Province on the eastern coast of China, located about 500km north of Shanghai. We certified 28 gynecologists in cryotherapy over a 2-day intensive training session. Pictured above are: Liu Yuehua, Zhao Yunping, Zhao Ping, Ren Jun Xia, Zhuang Hua, Sun Hui, Cao Cuilin, Cao Li, Fang Lin, Zhang Lingjie, Zhang Mingdi, Zuo Xueping, Shang Xiao Yun, Han Yan, Yang Ling, Ma Yun, Liu Min, Li Yunnan, Jyang Tao, Zhang Ping, Hou Songwen, Wang Bing Jie, Jin Yu, Tang Ru, Zhou Yelian, Zhang Long Ping, Shao Ronghui, and Sun Haiyan.

    Meet a Few of Our Ethiopia Trainees




    Within the center city of Addis, Felege Meles is a large and beautiful 5 story hospital with an open atrium. The clinic is located on the second floor within the maternity ward and will be sustained by CCC trained nurses pictured from left to right- Meron Demote, Gezachew Hitenfes, Ephrem Jado, and Kidesst Neegse.



    _MG_9425 Located in the northwest region of Addis Ababa, this clinic serves the surrounding slums in the community where HIV is rampant. Picture from right to left is CCC trained nurses Tesfamichael Demisse, Samuel Deyasa, and Tsehay Yeshitela who sustain operations and report to us on a monthly basis.



    mary II clinic ALERT Hospital is a 240-bed, multipurpose teaching hospital including dermatology, orthopedic, ophthalmology, and surgery departments. Pictured left to right are the very capable CCC certified nurses- Addisu Gimichael, Selam Altaseb, Firehiwot Alemu, and Retina Mamo- who sustain this region and report to us on a monthly basis.



    IMG_3705 Located in Addis Ababa, this clinic will serve to treat thousands of impoverished, urban women who are fighting day and night to find healthcare in an overpopulated city (of over 3 million people!) with a wide income gap. Pictured from right to left is Judy Carmel (Board Member and Philanthropist), DeeDee Dorskind (patient registration volunteer), and Donna Stellini (photojournalist). CCC certified “See and Treat” nurses who will continue to operate this clinic include Nardos Aron, Ibrahim Ahmedin, Bruke Aklilu, Samarwit Daniel, Aynalem Gebre, Simachew Abbabew, Deerje Akalu, and Markos Mahidereselam.


    Other trained local healthcare professioanls in Ethiopia: Senatyehu Abate, Miki Alemayehu, Bizuneh Gidey, Gezachew Aytenfesu, Roza Kumera, Hawa Mohamed.

    Meet a Few of Our Vietnam Trainees

    Dr. Dzung Phung

    2014-12-12 19.08.27Dr. Dzung (pictured to the left with Dr. Patricia Gordon) is the director of the Quang Ninh Center for Reproductive Healthcare and the CCC Vietnam Program. An inspiring and implacable force, she is not only a healthcare provider but also an advocate for her people, inspiring and motivating the women of Quang Ninh to protect their health through prevention programs like CCC.


    Meet a few more of our Vietnam trainees:


    After a week of teaching, learning, and hard work in May 2014, the CCC team is proud to honor the local healthcare professionals with certificates of graduation. These women have worked tirelessly to become proficient in all aspects of “See and Treat.” This includes vigilant screening for precancerous lesions with acetic acid, understanding how to use all the equipment and how to properly take care of it, and effective operation of cryotherapy treatment. We leave Vietnam with our heads held high, knowing that our newly trained doctors and nurses are more than capable to operate three fully functioning and successful clinics.

    Dr. Nguyen Lam Giang and Dr. Nguyen Thi To

    Attachment-1Pictured to the left are Dr. Nguyen Lam Giang (left) and Dr. Nguyen Thi To (right), two gynecologists who were certified in “See and Treat” by the CureCervicalCancer team in May 2014. During CCC’s return visit to Quang Ninh in December 2014, these two clinicians supervised over the training of CCC’s 14 new “See and Treat” professionals in Uong Bi.


    Dr. Lien Le and Dr. Ha Nguyen

    IMG_1332 Pictured to the left with Dr. Patrician Gordon (middle) are Dr. Lien Le (left) and Dr. Ha Nguyen (right), two gynecologists who were certified in “See and Treat” by the CureCervicalCancer team in May 2014. During CCC’s return visit to Quang Ninh in December 2014, these two clinicians supervised over the training of CCC’s new “See and Treat” professionals in Dong Trieu.



    Pictured above (from left to right) are Nurse Le The An, Nurse Pham T Thu Phuong, Dr. Nguyen Thi Phuong, and Nurse Hoang Thi Thuy. These four healthcare professionals were certified in “See and Treat” during CCC’s return visit to Quang Ninh Vietnam in December 2014 and will be in charge of the cervical cancer screening and prevention program at the Dang Family Clinic in Cam Pha. This area of Vietnam never had a cervical cancer prevention program in place, and our healthcare professionals, “[who knew] that there was an epidemic of cervical cancer in this region, feel very happy to have the equipment and materials necessary to screen and treat people.”


    Pictured above (from left to right) are Dr Nguyen Thi Lan Anh, Nguyen Thi Phuong, Nurse Nguyen Thi Nhu Quynh, and Dr Nguyen Than Thuy. These four healthcare professionals were certified in “See and Treat” during CCC’s return visit to Quang Ninh Vietnam in December 2014 and will be in charge of the cervical cancer screening and prevention program at the Dr. Jay Collie Fish Clinic in Dong Trieu, Vietnam. These healthcare providers had previously “heard about the large number of women with cervical cancer, and had even had previous cases of women with cervical cancer. Now they find comfort in being able to prevent it.”
















    Pictured above are Nurse Nguyen Thi Hai Yen, Nurse Vu Thi Hang Yen, Dr. Doan Thi Tuyet Dzung, and Dr. Dang Thi Bich Ngoc. These four healthcare professionals were certified in “See and Treat” during CCC’s return visit to Quang Ninh Vietnam in December 2014 and will be in charge of the cervical cancer screening and prevention program at the Diane Pekow-Rickles Clinic in Uong Bi, Vietnam. At the end of our second training day, one of our new graduates, Dr. Dung, thanked us for “providing all of the new equipment and empowering [them] with the tools to prevent and raise awareness for cervical cancer in their community.” We find comfort in knowing that we are leaving this clinic in the more than capable hands of our four compassionate and highly motivated healthcare professionals.

    2015-12-10 11.58.37

    In December 2015, the CCC team trained 8 new “See and Treat’ trainees at Mong Cai Hospital. From left to right: Le Thi Nga, Pham Thi Mai Lan, Bui Thi Hoan, Le Bich Lan, Hoang Thi Thanh Huyen, Pham Thi Dao, Nguyen Thi Nguyet Linh, Nguyen Thi Hoa. Dr. Nguyen Thi To (fourth from left) joined us for the week to assist in training the new trainees. We could not have been more proud to see that our previously trained healthcare providers were now trainers to new CCC screeners and treaters!


    The team also held clinic at Hai Ha Hospital during our week long training in Vietnam in December 2015. Pictured left to right: Pham Thi Lan Huong, Le Thi Hue, Dao Thi Thanh Thuy, Tran Thi Huyen, Vi Thi Hoa, To Thi Ngoc Binh. These six new trainees are excited to begin serving the women in their community.

    Meet a Few of Our Kenya Trainees

    Nurse Ephel

    2014-12-12 19.08.27

    Hi, I am Nurse Ephel. I grew up in a small village where everyone had a lot of medical problems. In fact, any fever, cold, or sickness was assumed to be deadly. One day I broke my arm, and a doctor fixed it. After that experience, I thought it was amazing to be able to help people, so I decided to become a nurse. After becoming a nurse, I began working for the Ministry of Health (MOH) and then Family Health International (FHI). After working for the MOH and FHI, I joined the International Medical Corps in 2012, and I am excited to now be a part of the CureCervicalCancer team!

    John Irari Ngugi

    John has been a nurse for 25 years. He is passionate about reproductive health, family planning, and loves midwifery. He was very excited to attend CCC’s training program. He felt like he was learning a new skill that would definitely be very useful and helpful to women.




    Virginia Kahohi

    Virginia has been a nurse for the past 24 years and is a kind, experienced healthcare professional. She does a lot of valuable work for women in the family planning department of the Kiadutu Health Center which located in a slum in Nairobi, Kenya. She told us that there is full tank of carbon dioxide gas in the hospital where she works that has been left unused for a few years. She is happy that she can now use the equipment and treat women instead of simply referring them elsewhere.




    Belinda (L) and Millicent (R)

    Both of these wonderful nurses are from Homa Bay, Kenya. They work together at the clinic there and are mothers to 4 month old babies! They were eager trainees in VIA and cryotherpay at the CCC Kisii clinic. Millicent wanted to go to university to be a doctor but missed the cutoff by 1 point. So she went to college to finish her nursing studies.



    Carol Njeri

    Carol works with Jacaranda Health. She has been a nurse and midwife for 6 years and wants to make a change in the care that is given to pregnant mothers in her country. She dream of obtaining a PhD in biostatistics in Nursing.







    Kathy Kiboi 

    Kathy works with Jacaranda Health. Kathy has been a nurse for 23 years, she has 9 bothers and sisters. Her own family served as motivation for her to work in family planning. She is currently pursuing a higher degree in reproductive health.







    Lucas Hgigue


    IMG_7486Lucas is 35 years old and has been a nurse for 13 years. He served 2 years as a civil servant. He has 2 sons. He completed his training at Embu Medical Training College. He was grateful for the opportunity to learn the “See and Treat” method. He wants to help the community because not a lot of women have access to screening and it is important to prevent cervical cancer.





    James Muema


    IMG_7491James is 33 years old and he has been nursing for nearly 10 years. He was trained at Kenya Medical Training College for 3 and a half years. He loves nursing because he feels empowered to be able to take care of people and advocate for patient health. He was pervasively trained to perform VIA but not cryotherapy. He will be doing “See and Treat” three times each week at the Igegania Level 4 Hospital. He is looking forward to training others in the procedure so that they can treat women instead of referring them to the level 5 hospital.




    Lyndah Elegwa

    Lyndah is 30 years old and has been a nurse for nearly 8 years. She has been with Jacaranda Health for the past 3 and a half years. She is so happy to be able to not only screen but to treat women with positive VIA. She used to refer those patients to Kenyatta National Hospital. She plans to screen and treat on a daily basis because she works in family planning and will be able to offer this service to all of those patients.





    Christine Ogada

    Christine is 29 years old and has been a nurse for nearly 6 years. She has been working for Jacaranda for 2 years and was trained at KMTC in Thika. She has one daughter and believes that women’s health is very important because they bring life into the world and must be healthy in order to look after that life. She plans to promote “See and Treat” in Ruiru Hospital where she works. She aims to pursue a specialization in reproductive health.





    Christine Mogere

    Christine 42 years old with 3 children. She lives in Kisii County. Her mother was also a nurse. After high school, Christine would help her neighbor who was a widow clean her house. This task of helping made her very happy and she realized how much she enjoys talking to people. She did her training in Kisumu and hopes to incorporate counseling more and more into her practice.





    Philomena Kamau

    Philomena is 53 years old and has 3 children. She went to a missionary high school and assisted the sisters when she was not in the classroom. She went to college to become a nurse just like the sisters at her school. She works at :evel 5 Comprehensive Health Center in Thika.






    Jane Ndegua

    Jane is 49 years old and has 2 young kids. She grew up in Muranga and during class 4 she chose to become a nurse because she fell in love with the white caps that all nurses used to wear. She played doctor with kids and was always the doctor. She would use sticks to give injections. Since 1990, she has been nursing and she currently works at Langata Githurai Health Center.






    Pictured above are 20 of CureCervicalCancer’s certified cervical cancer screeners and cryotherapy professionals, most of whom are clinical staff at seven of the International Medical Corps drop-in clinics in the Kisii region of Western Kenya. These local doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals including Susan Owidi, Elijah N.O. Ongori, Alice N. Kenyoru, Opande Deograteous, Jeneviv Ogda, Linda Awino Haga, Frederick Chacha, Onyango Akinyi (Linda), Dorcus Opiayo (Cellyne), Alice Otenyi (Mary), Nancy Ogweche, Violet Nasenya, Mary Wakoli (Nyambura), and Rachel Alila Oyoo were trained during CureCervicalCancer’s return mission to Kenya in October 2014. Also in the picture is the Minister of Health of Kisii County, Mrs. Sarah Omache (bottom right). Although these IMC drop-in facilities provided cervical cancer screening for the women of Kisii for the past 3 years, the clinics were not outfitted with the cryotherapy machinery required for treatment whenever a woman was found to have abnormal cervical lesions. Now, our CCC/IMC “See and Treat” centers have all the equipment needed, and our healthcare professionals “feel privileged to have the skills and cryotherapy machine because so many lives will be saved.”

    The CCC team, Langata midwives, and patients celebrate graduation.
    In May 2014, the CureCervicalCancer team warmly congratulated the five Langata women’s clinic nurses on their graduation and certification in “See and Treat.” After four days of closely guided teaching we were proud to bestow certificates of completion for our rigorous “See and Treat” training program.

    Dr. Gordon CCC

    After an intense week of theoretical and practical education on the single visit “See and Treat” procedure, 14 nurses and two doctors were certified in this simple, effective, and life-saving method on April 25, 2014. The graduation ceremony took place at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital in Kisumu, Kenya. The Ministry of Health representative announced at the graduation that there was no facility in the entire county that offered screening and cryotherapy for precancerous cervical lesions prior to our visit.


    Meet a Few of Our Haiti Trainees

    Nurse Charles Marie Huguette and Midwife Alexandre Magadala

    (R) Charles is 53 years old and is the head nurse at Hospital Grande Riviere. She worked in Fort Liberte for several years before transferring to this hospital. When asked about her thoughts on See and Treat, she responded: “It is truly a good thing for the life of the woman and I am happy to be able to help. Our time together was too short but I will continue to encourage the work of CCC. It is very important for the women to come and get tested.”

    (L) Alexandre Magadala, 38, is a midwife at the hospital. She has only been working here for a short time but is extremely happy to have been trained in this preventative procedure. “I really think this was a great service, it’s necessary. I hope [CCC] continues to be with us so that we can provide these services to the women.

    Nurse Adilia Pierre, Nurse Nadaege Pierre, Vixamar Amatha, Nurse Alexis Edelyne, and Nurse Deis Duidonen

    (Starting left moving clockwise) Vixamar Amatha was an enthusiastic community health worker. She was also Dr. Rodney Baptiste’s mother, director of the Bethesda Hospital.

    Adilia Pierre has been a nurse for over 7 years, and has worked with IMC for just under a year. Before being trained in “See and Treat” she worked with HIV patients. She states that the Bethesda program is exceptionally successful. In fact, there are often so many women who show up to be screened, that they have to make an appointment to return on another day. Adilia says that this is not a problem, as a majority of women in Haiti have cellular phones. She also tells us that all of her friends and family have been screened and educated on the risk of cervical cancer. She is a dedicated nurse, who, on the day of this interview, had actually come in to work while on vacation. She says she looks forward to CCC’s visit next year!

    Deis Duidone has been a nurse for 31 years, and has a great wealth of experience in women’s healthcare. In the past, she trained nurses in labor and delivery. Nearing retirement, she was looking for new ways to use her skills. That is when she began working with IMC. She tells us that she truly enjoys her work here in the clinic, and loves teaching women how to reduce their risk of cervical cancer.

    Alexis Edelyne has been a nurse for four years, and started working with IMC early in 2015. Prior, she had been a pediatric and delivery room nurse. She states that since learning “See and Treat” she feels that she is making an even bigger impact, and truly helping to save women’s lives. A dedicated professional, Alexis works at a number of clinics in the northern region of Haiti, including Limbe, Pilate, San Raphael, and Gran River. She states that, “Working together, we can enlarge exponentially.”

    Nadege has been a nurse since 2005, and has worked with IMC for two years. Before learning “See and Treat,” she worked in labor and delivery. She tells us that there are always many women who come to be screened at this clinic. She states, “I feel so good because now I know even more, and can help protect women from cervical cancer.” She says that she loves her job, and plans to work in women’s health nursing for as long as possible.

    Moise Adesky MD and Nurse Martial Myrlyne 

    (R) Moise Adesky is general family doctor who obtained his MD degree from Cuba. He has been working at the St Raphael Health Center for 6 years now. He is very excited for “See and Treat” to be a service offered at this hospital because there is no other method available for them to screen for cervical cancer. Dr. Moise believes that there are high incidence of HIV in this community and those people are have increased risk of cervical cancer. He has a beautiful vision and goal of expanding the types of services offered at this clinic.

    (L) Nurse Martial has also been working at St Raphael for 6 years. She has tremendous experience with childbirth and prenatal care. She is very passionate about her work and is hoping that more and more women come to the clinic to get screened for cervical cancer.

    Nurse Ange-Martilde Dessieux

    (R) Dr. Emmanuel Clairvil is a general med MD, with a passion for gynecology. He works in labor and delivery. He tells us that “See and Treat” is so beneficial because the resources are not available for pap smears, biopsies, and colposcopy.

    (L) Darlyne has been a nurse for 6 years. She has always worked in women’s health, and trained as a midwife from 2010-2012. She states that being a nurse was her childhood dream. She is so happy to be learning this skill because until now, when a women would come in with cervical cell changes, she would have to be referred to another hospital. Now, she can be screened and treated in just one visit.


    Nurse Ruth Fabien Joseph

    Ms. Ruth Fabien Joseph, 43, has been a nurse for 19 years and it is no wonder that after seeing how confident and competent her skills were that she is the charge nurse at Saint Jean. She received her midwife training in Port-Au-Prince and her nursing degree in Cap-Haitien. Having worked in the community for nearly 17 years, she undoubtedly feels that early treatment and testing for cervical cancer is extremely helpful for the women in her community. She feels very happy that this hospital can provide preventative screening of cervical cancer.

    Calixte Herve Jr MD

    Dr. Calixte Herve Jr, 38 years old, is a father of two and expecting a third by the end of the year. He is originally from Cap-Haitien but has been a regular staff member at Saint Jean for the last two years and a half. After graduating from Port-Au-Prince with his medical degree, he practiced for six years in OB/GYN. When asked what he believes is the biggest women’s health issue faced by his community, he responded unhesitatingly, “Cervical Cancer. Four out of Five women are faced with terminal cervical cancer in this community. In Haiti, [there are women] with lots of cancer from the uterus. The fact that this service is free is extremely helpful to the women of Limbe.”

    Luis Jean Rene MD

    Dr. Rene went to medical school in Cuba, where he married a Cuban woman, and is now the father of a 5-year-old son. Although his family still lives in Cuba, Dr. Rene has chosen to stay and work in Cap-Haitien, as “this is where I am most needed.” He is a general medicine doctor, who focuses on gynecology. He tells us that he would like to do a gynecological residency.




    Nurse Cherline Bauduy

    For the past 9 years, Cherline has served as Head Nurse of this hospital. She tells us that in addition to the common issues the hospital treats, such as malnutrition and HIV, there are many women who come in with advanced cervical cancer. These women ultimately die of the painful disease, as they cannot make the travel to the referral hospital. She feels that learning “See and Treat” will prove to be a major advantage for this community, as it can be incorporated into the care of women that is already in place in the hospital.



    Nurse Adeline Belliard

    2014-12-12 19.08.27

    Hello, my name is Nurse Adeline Belliard. I am 30 years old and originally from Limbe, Haiti. The reason why I decided to become a nurse was because I noticed as a child that there were always people that needed help with their health. I decided that I wanted to do something to help so I became a nurse, and most of my family is doing the same thing I’m doing.


    Nurse Ange-Martilde Dessieux

    2014-12-12 19.08.27With dreams of becoming a nurse at a very young age, CureCervicalCancer’s new Phyllis Clinic-Tibuk nurse, Ange-Martilde, said she has always been driven by her desire of helping people. Through her endeavors with CCC, she has also been able to fulfill her “dream of becoming a worldwide nurse.” Nurse Ange, a 26 year old from Cap-Haitien, said that she has been greatly influenced by her aunt who is also a nurse: “I have an aunt that is a nurse. She always talked about the good she has done, which is also why I like it the most.”


    Nurse Anne Durosier

    2014-12-12 19.08.27Hello, I am Nurse Marie-Anne Durosier. I am 28 years old, and I’m from Cap-Haitien. When I was a child I never thought of becoming nurse. As I grew older, however, I went to Port-au-Prince and decided to take the courses to become a nurse after completing high school. It was not what I wanted to do but as I became a nurse I grew to love it, and all I hold all of the patient’s that I have cared for close to my heart.



    Nurse Bellamour

    2014-12-12 19.08.27Hi, I am Nurse Bellamour. I’m 35 years old, and I was born somewhere they call Terrier-Rouge. First of all, I became a nurse because I always loved helping and saving people’s lives. Whenever I see someone in pain, I always feel like doing something to help. What satisfies me the most is being there when the sick people are in pain and being able to help make them feel better. As CCC’s Phyllis Clinic nurse, I would like to expand and grow from what I am doing.



    Dr. Kassandra Georges

    2014-12-12 19.08.27My name is Dr. Kassandara Georges, and I am the daughter of Ben. Born and raised in Borgne, I am now 24 years old. As a little girl, my father always brought me to the doctor, and ever since then I decided that I wanted to become a doctor.



    Nurse Mimose Voltaire

    2014-12-12 19.08.27Hi I am Nurse Mimose Voltaire, and I am 42 years old. Ever since I was a little girl, I always said that I would love to become a nurse! When I was in high school, I always said to myself that I wanted to do something medically related, but in Haiti when you want to do something the possibility does not necessarily come easily. Being a nurse is something that I am very passionate about and something I love a lot!


    Nurse Sylvia Mondestin

    2014-12-12 19.08.27Hello, I am 54 years old and I am originally from Grand River Du Nord. Now, I live in Cap-Haitien. Originally, I wanted to become a doctor, but unfortunately I became sick when they offered the courses to become a doctor. I was in bed at the hospital. However, when I came out of the hospital, I was offered the chance of becoming a nurse. To be honest, I love my job! I like being around the patients and it brings me much closer to the people that I am helping. If it was only for the money, I would not be doing the job.