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    Our Sustainable Clinics

    The Phyllis and Bart Cohen Clinic

    Mong Cai Hospital, Vietnam

    Est. December 2015.

    2015-12-10 11.58.37

    In December 2015, the CCC team trained 8 new “See and Treat’ trainees at Móng Cái Hospital. Móng Cái is a city of Quảng Ninh Province in northern Vietnam. It has a population of about 103,000. Pictured above are the nurses that will be screening and treating the women from this community (from left to right): Le Thi Nga, Pham Thi Mai Lan, Bui Thi Hoan, Le Bich Lan, Hoang Thi Thanh Huyen, Pham Thi Dao, Nguyen Thi Nguyet Linh, Nguyen Thi Hoa. Dr. Nguyen Thi To (fourth from left) joined us for the week to assist in training the new trainees. We could not have been more proud to see that our previously trained healthcare providers were now trainers to new CCC screeners and treaters!

    The Cervical Cancer Prevention Clinic

    Ha Hai District Medical Center, Vietnam

    Est. December 2015.

    Photo Dec 10, 1 14 26 AM

    The team also held clinic at Hải Hà Hospital during our week long training in Vietnam in December 2015. Hải Hà is a rural district of Quảng Ninh Province in the northeastern region of Vietnam and about 30 km southwest of Mong Cai. Pictured left to right: Pham Thi Lan Huong, Le Thi Hue, Dao Thi Thanh Thuy, Tran Thi Huyen, Vi Thi Hoa, To Thi Ngoc Binh. These six new trainees are excited to begin serving the women in their community.

    The Frances Micelli Clinic

    Jacaranda Maternity Health Center

    Est. November 2015.


    The Frances Micelli Clinic will be housed at Jacaranda Maternity Health Center in Nairobi, Kenya. Pictured above are the nurses and midwives that will be providing “See and Treat” services to women in this county: Frances Mwangi, Christine Ogada, Lyndah Elegwa, Carol Njeri, Mary Muhando and Kathy Kiboi.

    The CureCervicalCancer Team Clinic

    Kenyerere Clinic

    Est. November 2015.

    procsimple (1)

    The CureCervicalCancer Team Clinic was named in honor of the the team members and made possible by CCC’s Angel Donor, Judy Carmel. Pictured with the team members from the November 2015 mission (CCC intern Leila Hariri, Yvonne Nong and senior coordinator Jacquelyn Dang; Drs. Jennifer Lang and Stuart Fischbein; and CCC travel nurse Caitlin Cawley) are the two gentlemen that will be screening and treating women from this clinic: Aldrin Omwocha and Geoffery Justus Mokeri.

    The Hornik Family Clinic

    Nyamira County at the Kijauri Clinic

    Est. November 2015.

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     Pictured above are nurses Annette Onyinge and Dickson Mokaya, who will be screening and treating women at the Kijauri Clinic in Nyamira County, Western Kenya. Nyamira County is a county in the former Nyanza Province of Kenya and has a population of nearly 600,000. This was made possible by The Hornik Family Foundation.

    The Hall Family Clinic

    Migori County at the Kegonga Clinic

    Est. November 2015.

    procsimple (3)

    The Hall Family clinic will be housed at the Kegonga Clinic in Migori County, the former Nyanza Province of southwestern Kenya. Pictured above are nurses Violet Mbusiro and Ruth Ongoto who will be the main screeners/treaters at this clinic.

    The Sheila Clinic

    Hom Bay County at Makongeni Clinic

    Est. November 2015.

    procsimple (4)

     Thanks to Dr. Jennifer Lang (CCC Medical Director) and Peter Micelli, The Sheila Clinic will now be available to women visiting the Makongeni Clinic in Hom Bay County. Nurses Belinder Linet and Millicent Amonde are proud to be serving the women in their community to provide early cervical cancer screening services.

    The Cervical Cancer Prevention Clinic

    Located in Nyamira County at the Manga Clinic

    Est. November 2015.

    procsimple (6)

    Nurses Conceptor Omwenga and Rael Ongoti will be the two main “See and Treat” providers at The Cervical Cancer Prevention Clinic located at the Manga Clinic in Nyamira County.

    The Terry Lynn Putnam Clinic

     Kisii County as IMC’s Mobile Clinic

    Est. November 2015.

    procsimple (7)

    In honor of Rebecca Milner’s (IMC’s Vice President of Institutional Advancement) sister, The Terry Lynn Putnam Clinic will be one of the first “See and Treat” mobile clinics made available to the women in Kisii County. Pictured above are IMC staff members Lucy Wahome (second from left), nurse Ephel Echero (fourth from left; previously trained in 2014), Grace Muthumbi (Program Coordinator; second from right), Nurse Edna (previously trained in 2014) and two of clinic’s main “See and Treat” providers, Cyrus Atoni and Lillian Manayo.

    The Grace Muthumbi Clinic

     Nyamira County at the Ekerenyo Clinic

    Est. November 2015.

    procsimple (10)

    The CCC team is honored to dedicate this clinic to IMC’s Project Coordinator, Grace Muthumbi. Grace has been a champion of women’s health for many years and her strength is greatly admired by anyone who has had the opportunity to work alongside her. Thank you, Grace, for your continued dedication to helping the women in your country! We are confident that nurses Irene Gitenya and Pauline Momanyi are well-equipped with the knowledge and resources required to provide cervical cancer screening to women at the Ekerenyo Clinic.

    The Cervical Cancer Prevention Clinic

    Kisii County Prison

    Est. November 2015.

    procsimple (5)

    Nurse Glorence Otienyo (right) will be the first healthcare professional to provide “See and Treat” at the Kisii County Prison.

    The “Lindsey Rickles RN” Clinic

    Bethesda Medical Center.

    Est. August 2015.


     This clinic was established in honor of Lindsey Rickles, a young and talented nurse at Cedars Sinai Hospital who passed away this year. Located in Cap-Haitien, Bethesda serves 30,000 patients at its medical clinic and 5,000 at its dental clinic yearly. Additionally, the medical clinic also operates prenatal and well-baby programs that assist over 4,000 mothers and babies a year. Pictured are the Bethesda CCC certified cervical cancer screeners and cryotherapists- Alexis Edelyne, Vixamar Amatha, and Nadege Pierre.


    The “Sante Fanm se Lavni Fanmi” Clinic

    Hôpital l’Esperance: Pilate, Haiti.

    Est. August 2015. 


    Pictured are the Hopital l’Esperance CCC certified cervical cancer screeners and cryotherapists, Darlyne Accil and Dr. Emmanuel Clervil. This is an immaculate and clean hospital which specializes in cholera, amongst many other illnesses as well. The name on the clinic sign that will hang here permanently is “Sante Fanm se Lavni Fanmi” which means “The health of the woman is the health of the family.”

    The “Mary III” Clinic

    Hopital Saint-Jean: Limbe, Haiti.

    Est. August 2015.


    CCC/IMC See and Treat trained healthcare providers, Dr. Calixte Herve Jr. and Charge nurse, Ms. Ruth Fabien Joseph, will be screening women at the Mary III clinic located in Limbe. As the second largest city in the Nord department (Cap-Haitien being the first), the clinic located in a spacious room in Saint Jean Hospital will be made available to the women in this community of nearly 32,200 inhabitants.


    The “Phyllis” Clinic

    Sant Mediko Sosyal Wanament MSPP (Ouanaminthe).

    Est. August 2015.

    phyllis W

    Twenty-two kilometers southeast of Fort Liberte and close to the Haiti-Dominican Republic border is the newly established Phyllis Clinic at the Wanament Hospital in Ouanaminthe. Here we learned that  Dr. Romel Boyer and Nurse Marie Gelus been recruited and trained to provide “See and Treat.” Additionally, three community health workers have been educated about cervical cancer. These three have been given the task of going out into the community to pass on their knowledge and recruit women for screening.


    The “Phyllis” Clinic

    Hopital de Saint-Raphael.

    Est. August 2015.

    Phyllis S

    This clinic will serve a community of 50,000 plus people in the Northern region of Haiti. Pictured are Dr. Moise Adesky and Nurse Myrline Martial, who will continue to screen and treat women in this region under guidance of Nurse AnneMarie for years to come.


    The “Los Feliz” Clinic

    Hopital Communautaire de Reference de Trou-Du-Nord.

    Est. August 2015. 

    los feliz

    The Los Feliz Clinic has been established at the Hospital Communautaire de Reference de Trou-Du-Nord. There are approximately 37,400 inhabitants in this community also in the Northeast region of Haiti. Here, Dr. Jims Sant-Hilaire and Nurse Bibiane Bruno will conduct “See and Treat” for the women of this community for generations to come.

    The “Rieschel Family” Clinic

    Clinique de Limonade.

    Est. August 2015.


    Limonade is a commune in Cap-Haïtien, located in the Nord Department of Haiti with nearly 70,000 inhabitants. Pictured above is Nurse AnneMarie and Nurse Alexis Edelyne who will help lead “See and Treat” services at this newly established Rieschel Family Clinic. CCC trained healthcare professionals, Dr. Romel Jean-Pierre and Nurse Cassandra Guerine, will continue screening and treating patients on a weekly basis.


    The “Brian and Victoria Klein” Clinic

    Hopital Mombin-Crochu.

    Est. August 2015. 


    Pictured above are CCC’s newly certified “See and Treat” specialists, Nurses Cherlyne Beauduy and Dr. Louis Jean René. Dr. René received his training in Cuba, considered by many to be the “Harvard of the Caribbean” when it comes to medical education. His great intelligence, skill and dedication were immediately apparent. He is practicing in Haiti because he says that he is most needed here. Nurse Cherline has been working as the head nurse of this hospital for 9 years. She has a depth of experience in women’s health issues including labor and delivery.



    The “MacNaughton Family” Clinic

    Hopital Grande-Riviere du Nord

    Est. August 2015


    The MacNaughton Family Clinic has been established in the rural community of Grand Riviere du Nord. Our translator, Elio, noted that this hospital is one of the more prominent hospitals in the area and provides many comprehensive diagnostic services. Pictured above are CCC/IMC trained nurses Charles Marie Huguette and Alexandre Magdala, both of whom will continue to screen and treat patients at this location on a weekly basis.



    The “Jacobson Family” Clinic

    Hopital de Fort Liberte

    Est. August 2015



    In Haiti’s Northeast department capital of Fort Liberte is the Jacobson Family Clinic. Here, Dr. Paul Roussel Caseus and Nurse Fleurine Saint-Fleur (previously trained by CCC/IMC nurse Anne Marie Durosier) are eager to begin serving the women at the Fort Liberte Hospital which serves a population of nearly 11,500 people.

    The Byrne Family Clinic

    Hopital Mont-Organisé

    Est. August 2015


    Mont-Organisé is a commune in Ouanaminthe, located in the Northeast Department of Haiti. Pictured above are Nurses AnneMarie, Herns Josue Deus, and Adilia Pierre who will help provide “See and Treat” services to this region of 17,000 plus inhabitants. 

    The Emma Eisenberg Clinic

    Tactic, Guatemala
    Est. May 2015


    The hospital, Centro de Salud Tactic, serves a community in a small rural village 32 km south of Coban, the capital of the Alta Verapaz region in Guatemala. Volunteer Rick Siedband and CCC travel nurse Caitlin Cawley smile for a photograph with a few women at the clinic that morning.

    The Linda May and Jack Suzar Clinic

    Uspantan, Guatemala
    Est. May 2015


    Hospital Nacional de Uspantan is located in a metropolitan area 82 km west of Coban. It serves the surrounding community of roughly 200 villages where over 60,000 people reside. Pictured above are CCC cryotherapy trained nurses Odilia Moran, Maria Angelica Sunuc, and Cristina Caal.

    The Stanley and Joyce Black Family Foundation Clinic

    Lanquin, Guatemala
    Est. May 2015


    Centro de Atencion Permanente (CAP) is the main hospital in Lanquin that’s sponsored by the Ministry of Public Health. It is located 62 km northeast of Coban. They offer various services such as vaccinations and emergency care and will now finally be able to screen and treat the women of the community for pre-invasive cervical cancer lesions. Pictured above are CCC trained cryotherapy nurse Ingris Winter (left), Dr. Mayra Saravia (center), and nurse Yeny Ac (right).


    The Ace Clinic

    Access to Basic (medical) Care Foundation — Ibadan, Nigeria
    Est. May 2015



    The Access to Basic Medical Care (ABC) program ensures free healthcare for the indigenous population residing within Oyo State. The initiative addresses the need to extend basic healthcare solutions to the masses, especially those within significant distance to the town centers such as Ibadan, Oyo and Ogbomosho. This program seeks to provide cost effective solutions in a timely manner, which is precisely why CureCervicalCancer is a perfect fit for the ABC model. The cervical cancer screening component will complement ABC’s existing focus on diseases such as diarrhea, pneumonia, malaria, HIV/AIDS, and maternal care.



    The Angel Clinic “DeeDee and Donna”

    St.Paul’s Hospital Millenium Medical College — Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Est. April 2015


    SPHMMC is the only medical college in the country that is owned and supported by the leadership and financial support of the Minister of Health. Located in Addis Ababa, this clinic will serve to treat thousands of impoverished, urban women who are fighting day and night to find healthcare in an overpopulated city (of over 3 million people!) with a wide income gap. Pictured from right to left is Judy Carmel (Board Member and Philanthropist), DeeDee Dorskind (patient registration volunteer), and Donna Stellini (photojournalist). CCC certified “See and Treat” nurses who will continue to operate this clinic include Nardos Aron, Ibrahim Ahmedin, Bruke Aklilu, Samarwit Daniel, Aynalem Gebre, Simachew Abbabew, Deerje Akalu, and Markos Mahidereselam.

    The Dake Family Clinic

    Felege Meles Hospital — Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Est. April 2015


    Within the center city of Addis, Felege Meles is a large and beautiful 5 story hospital with an open atrium. The clinic is located on the second floor within the maternity ward and will be sustained by CCC trained nurses pictured from left to right- Meron Demote, Gezachew Hitenfes, Ephrem Jado, and Kidesst Neegse.

    The Victoria M. O’Connor Family Clinic

    Kolfe Health Center — Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Est. April 2015


    Located in the northwest region of Addis Ababa, this clinic serves the surrounding slums in the community where HIV is rampant. Picture from right to left is CCC trained nurses Tesfamichael Demisse, Samuel Deyasa, and Tsehay Yeshitela who sustain operations and report to us on a monthly basis.

    The Mary II Clinic

    ALERT Hospital — Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Est. April 2015

    mary II clinic

    ALERT Hospital is a 240-bed, multipurpose teaching hospital including dermatology, orthopedic, ophthalmology, and surgery departments. The community “See and Treat” clinic we established will serve impoverished women in the mountainous outskirts of Addis Ababa for years to come. Soon it will be relocated to a brand new, beautiful gynecological center within the hospital.  Pictured left to right are the very capable CCC certified nurses- Addisu Gimichael, Selam Altaseb, Firehiwot Alemu, and Retina Mamo- who sustain this region and report to us on a monthly basis.

    The Dr. Jay Collie Fish Clinic

    Quang Ninh, Vietnam
    Est. December 2014


    The Diane Pekow- Rickles Family Clinic

    Quang Ninh, Vietnam
    Est. December 2014


    The Angel Clinic

    Kisii, Western Kenya
    Est. October 2014

    Pictured are the local women of Kisii and the two Kisii CCC certified cervical cancer screeners and cryotherapists, Edna Gakii NP and Violet Nasenya RN. Kisii is the largest city in Kisii County, which serves approximately 1.7 million people. This clinic has a 10% HIV positive rate. Edna and Violet are excited to have learned the skills to treat precancerous cervical lesions. Both have provided cervical cancer screening for the women of Kisii for the past 3 years, but the clinic did not have a cryotherapy machine for treatment when a woman is found to have abnormal cervical lesions. Violet and Edna state, “Now we feel privileged to have the skills and cryotherapy machine because so many lives will be saved.”

    The Upendo Wa Mungu Clinic: The Love of God

    Migori, Western Kenya
    Est. October 2014

    Pictured are the Migori CCC certified cervical cancer screeners and cryotherapists, Caleb Owino RN and Mary Wakoli RN. Migori, Kenya is approximately 20 kilometers from the Tanzania border. Gold is mined nearby, and farmers are abundant. The Migori IMC/CCC clinic specializes in HIV-related conditions. Caleb states, “With HIV rates as high as 10%, cervical cancer screening and treatment is critical.”

    The Clark Family Clinic

    Mbita, Western Kenya
    Est. October 2014

    Mbita is a rural town in western Kenya, located on the shores of Lake Victoria. The clinic largely serves fishermen and farmers and has a patient base with a 9.7% HIV rate. Pictured are the Mbita CCC certified cervical cancer screeners and cryotherapists, Dorcus Opiayo RN and Nancy Ogweche RN.

    The Gill, John, Tom, and Joe Clinic

    Sindo, Western Kenya
    Est. October 2014

    Sindo is a beach town located in the Suba District of Kenya bordering Lake Victoria. The clinic’s main focus is the care of HIV positive patients. Pictured are the Sindo CCC certified cervical cancer screeners and cryotherapists, Linda Awino RN and Linda Akinyi RN.

    Lustgarten Family Clinic

    Muhuru, Western Kenya
    Est. October 2014

    Pictured are the Muhuru CCC certified cervical cancer screeners and cryotherapists, Opande Deograteous RN and Susan Owidi RN. Also pictured is the CCC full-time Kenya cervical cancer nurse, Ephel Achero, who rotates throughout Kenya to support our permanent CCC clinics. The Muhuru Lustgarten Clinic borders Tanzania and Muhuro Bay, a small fishing village in the Nyanza province on the shore of Lake Victoria.

    The Eliana Clinic

    Isebania, Western Kenya
    Est. October 2014

    Isebania town is an area rich in tobacco and corn. The town is located near the Kenya-Tanzania border and is a business hub due to its proximity to two of the biggest national parks in the region–Maasai Mara in Kenya and Mara Serengeti in Tanzania. Pictured are the Isebania CCC certified cervical cancer screeners and cryotherapists, Frederick Chacha RN and Genevieve Ogola RN.

    The Phyllis Clinic

    Tibuk Community Hospital, Tibuk, Haiti
    Est. September 2014

    In September 2014, the CureCervicalCancer team returned to Haiti where we established another permanent, sustainable clinic—The Phyllis Clinic—in the remote region of Tibuk. This new clinic will serve the almost completely isolated community of more than 10,000 as well as the surrounding villages. As we set up the Phyllis clinic with Dr. Thony and Nurse Ange (our new Phyllis Clinic-Tibuk nurse) we were filled with great hope that this clinic will bring life saving aid to the women that need it most. By spreading into this remote village, we are confident that we will be able to reach many more women who otherwise might not have been screened because of the long and treacherous journey to Borgne.

    The Angel Clinic

    Major Reproductive Healthcare Center, Quang Ninh, Vietnam
    Est. May 2014

    The Angel Clinic

    In May 2014, the CCC team traveled to Northern Vietnam thanks to the kind support and generosity of our “angel” donor, Ms. Judy Carmel. The Angel Clinic in the major Reproductive Center in Quang Ninh serves thousands of women in one of the most highly sex-trafficked areas in Vietnam. In just over one month, the Angel Clinic has screened over one thousand women and treated hundreds. In a region where HPV is rampant, this will serve to save countless lives of women in the hustle and bustle of downtown Quang Ninh, Vietnam.

    The Lenore Grossman Pridham Clinic

    Rural Village, Hoanh Bo, Vietnam
    Est. May 2014

    Named in honor of founder Dr. Patricia Gordon’s late mother, the Lenore Grossman Pridham clinic stands as a beacon of hope in the highly underserved and underprivileged farming and fishing village of Hoanh Bo in Northern Vietnam. The CCC team leaves behind a passionate and highly determined team of local health care professionals who have worked tirelessly to perfect the skills of diagnosing pre-cancerous lesions with the VIA test and treating the suspicious lesions with cryotherapy.

    The Dang Clinic

    Rural Village, Cam Pha, Vietnam
    Est. May 2014

    dang clinic

    During the 2014 Vietnam Project, the CureCervicalCancer team also established the Dang Clinic, named in honor of Jacquelyn Dang’s (CCC’s senior intern) father and family, in the city of Cam Pha. With a population well over two hundred thousand, Cam Pha is a city, rich in history, in the Quang Ninh Province in the Northeast region of Vietnam. The CCC team leaves behind a team of eager, well-trained, local healthcare professionals who are determined to improve the health and quality of life of women in this region of Vietnam by providing this much needed service.

    Langata Women’s Clinic

    Langata Women’s Prison, Nairobi, Kenya
    Est. April 2014

    Launched in April 2014, Langata women’s clinic, run by five highly skilled and hardworking clinic nurses, serves the female community of the Kibera slum and also the women prisoners. The clinic is located just beyond the confines of the largest slum in Africa, home to nearly a million people. Its guarded entrance provides women of the community an easy and secure access to healthcare.

    The Evelyn McEntire Clinic

    Gita, Kenya
    Est. April 2014


    In April 2014, the CureCervicalCancer team initiated the Gita community clinic, approximately 30 minutes from the city of Kisumu and Jaramogi Hospital. Three wonderful nurses, Denis Odero RN (chief nurse), along with Edith Nyongesa and Jane Alice Atito, run this rural, community clinic, which was graciously donated by Andrew and Simone McEntire. The Gita Team learned the technique with great skill and are eager to provide this service to the women of Gita Region.

    The Shelton-Rogers Clinic

    Migosi Community Hospital, Kenya
    Est. April 2014

    After an intensive weeklong training session, the CCC team established in Migosi the permanent and sustainable Shelton-Rogers clinic. This CCC/Shelton-Rogers Clinic will be the first of its kind for the women in the suburb of Kisumu, to ever offer cervical cancer screening and treatment! Everlyne Oruko (head nurse), Josephine Mege, and Naomi Kerubo, three extremely kind and compassionate nurses, run this “See and Treat” clinic, which serves thousands of women in the Migosi community.

    The Jill Rotman Clinic

    Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital (JOOTRH), Kisumu, Kenya
    Est. April 2014

    The Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital (JOOTRH) in Kisumu is the largest referral hospital in the Western Kenya region, serving more than 100 district and sub-district hospitals in over 10 counties. In April 2014, the CureCervicalCancer team initiated at this the site, the Jill Rotman Major Hospital Clinic, named in honor of the sister of CCC’s board member Judy Laner. CureCervicalCancer has successfully trained local healthcare professionals at the main hospital in Kisumu in the “See and Treat ” procedure who will eagerly screen for cervical cancer and treat precancerous lesions.

    The Phyllis Clinic

    Borgne Community Hospital, Borgne, Haiti
    Est. December 2013

    Established in December 2013 with the help of Haiti Outreach-Pwoje Espwa (H.O.P.E.) and Dr. Rose-Marie Chierici, The Phyllis Clinic provides much-needed cervical cancer screening and treatment to the women living in the remote city of Borgne, an extremely underserved region of Haiti. The CCC Team was thrilled to have Dr. Thony Voltaire and nurses Nirley, Adeline, and Amilouse as pupils, since this intelligent healthcare team deftly learned the “See and Treat” procedure very quickly!

    The Mela Kent Clinic

    Africa Mission Services Engos Clinic, Engos, Kenya
    Est. October 2013

    The CCC Team has left The Mela Kent Clinic (instituted in November 2013 through the generosity of Mela’s grandsons) to the phenomenal healthcare professionals of the Africa Mission Services Clinic: Dr. Mike Kisiara and nurses Francis Aho and Beryl Jaoko. This cervical cancer screening and treatment clinic provides its services to the women living in the Transmara region of Kenya. The population in this locality is largely Maasai and exhibits extremely high rates of VIA-positive women: The CCC Team is glad to know that we are able to facilitate access to care where it is most needed!



    The Mary Clinic

    Wukra Health Center, Wukra, Ethiopia
    Est. November 2013

    Mary Clinic

    The Mary Clinic is one of Ayder Teaching and Referral Hospital’s two permanent satellite cervical cancer “See and Treat” clinics, located roughly 45 kilometers from Mekele. Launched in November 2013, this clinic is run by Dr. Mehari Desalegn and his skilled healthcare staff. The CCC Team was very excited to have Dr. Sami, Tsehay, and Sara help train the clinicians in this clinic, which serves the primarily Tigrini population of women who live in this region.


    The Morris Hazan Clinic

    Coban Regional Hospital, Coban, Guatemala
    Est. September 2013

    Photo Oct 01, 10 06 52 AM

    The CCC Team was able to set up The Morris Hazan Clinic in late September/early October 2013 due to the generosity of our “angel” donor, Ms. Judy Carmel. This clinic, located in the Alta Verapaz region of Guatemala, is staffed by Dr. Mayra Hernandez and nurses Zulia and Juana, all of whom are now fully trained (and practically experts!) in the “See and Treat” procedure.



    The Collie and Greg Daily Clinic

    Chisec Health Center, Chisec, Guatemala
    Est. September 2013

    The Collie and Greg Daily Clinic (named for two of CCC’s staunchest supporters) was established in early October 2013, and is located about an hour north of Coban. Ana and Elsa, two extremely competent nurses, run this “See and Treat” clinic, which serves a predominantly Q’eqchi-Mayan population. Women in this area would not have access to cervical cancer detection and treatment if Elsa and Ana had not so compassionately volunteered their time to receive training in the “See and Treat” procedure from the CCC Team.




    The Kerry and Norah Clark Clinic

    Mekelle Health Center, Mekelle, Ethiopia
    Est. March 2013

    20140130_125059The Kerry and Norah Clark Clinic is the second of Ayder Teaching and Referral Hospital’s permanent satellite cervical cancer detection and treatment clinics and is staffed by Dr. Sami and nurse Tsehay (who also manage The “For Our Mothers and Sisters” Clinic), who choose to screen and treat women on their lunch hour instead of taking a well-deserved break! This clinic was established in November 2013 and is named for two of CureCervicalCancer’s loyal supporters.


    The “For Our Mothers and Sisters” Clinic

    Ayder Teaching and Referral Hospital, Mekele, Ethiopia
    Est. March 2013

    Established in April 2013, The “For Our Mothers and Sisters” Clinic is CCC’s first ongoing “See and Treat” clinic. This clinic has been entrusted to the extremely capable hands of Dr. Samson “Sami” Mulugeta and nurses Tsehay and Sara. The CCC Team was excited to see that upon revisiting the clinic 6 months after its establishment, Dr. Sami, Tsehay, and Sara had improved upon our method and were teaching the “See and Treat” procedure to nursing students as well!