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    Kenya Programs

    Part 3 Completed: October 2014

    In October 2014, the CureCervicalCancer team composed of Dr. Patricia Gordon, Dr. Minako Watabe (UCLA GYN), Elsa Miramontes RN, Chelsea Kennard LVN, CCC coordinators Jacquelyn Dang and Stephen Morris, and photo journalist Robert Oppel returned to Kenya where the extremely high rates of HPV and HIV are causing an epidemic of cervical cancer, which is claiming the lives of countless women.

    During this almost two week-long project, the CCC team first traveled to Kisii in Western Kenya where, in partnership with International Medical Corps, we trained nearly twenty cryotherapy healthcare professionals and establish 9 additional permanent, sustainable “See and Treat” programs including the major Angel Clinic Kenya located in the Kisii Level 5 Teaching and Referral Hospital, the Clark Family Clinic, and the Upendo Wa Mungu (God’s Love) Clinic. From there, we returned to our Engos Clinic in the Masai Mara as well as our four existing clinics in Kisumu where we retrained, reeducated, and resupplied our eager and dedicated healthcare professionals. This was one of CCC’s most extensive projects to date!

    Part 2 Completed: April 2014

    CCC is excited to announce the establishment of five new clinics, including The Jill Rotman Major Hospital Clinic, The Evelyn John McEntire Clinic, and The Shelton-Rogers Clinic! Four of the five clinics will be in Kisumu, Kenya; and the fifth clinic will be in Nairobi, Kenya.

    On this project, the CureCervicalCancer Team partnered with Columbia University’s Millennium Cities Initiative (MCI) and International Medical Corps (IMC) to set up these five new permanent, sustainable cervical cancer “See and Treat” clinics. MCI was our ground partner for three of these clinics (JOOTRH, Migosi, and Gita), and IMC was the ground partner for two (Kodiaga and Langata). Team members for this medical project includes Patricia Gordon MD, Joel Cornfield MD, Caroline Nitschmann MD, Jade Singer PA & MPH, Judy Laner (the fundraiser for the Jill Rotman Clinic), Kimberly Borden, Jacquelyn Dang, and Cullen Hallinan.

    The first week of this project was focused at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital (JOOTRH) in Kisumu, the largest referral hospital in the Western Kenya region (serving more than 100 district and sub-district hospitals in over 10 counties) and the site of the Jill Rotman Major Hospital Clinic. During this week, 15 healthcare professionals from JOOTRH, Migosi Health Center, Gita Health Center, and Kodiaga Health Center came to a football-field sized room at JOOTRH to learn the See and Treat procedure from the CCC Team. At the end of the week, members of the CCC Team accompanied the healthcare professionals back to their respective health centers to help them set up their See and Treat clinics. CureCervicalCancer screened over 700 women during this major training week! Through the generous support of Dr. Susan Blaustein and MCI, CCC was introduced to Beldina Opiyo and Zacheus Okoth Okech of the MCI Kenya Team, who in turn connected CCC with the Kisumu Ministry of Health (which has kindly allowed CCC to use JOOTRH as the major training site for the first week of this project) on CCC’s November 6, 2013 site visit. Without their help, this part of the project would not have been possible!

    The second week of this project was at the Langata Health Center in Nairobi, located right next to the Kibera slum (the second-largest slum in the world). The CCC Team spent the week training the healthcare professionals from this health center in the See and Treat procedure and screened approximately 300 women. The majority of the women the Langata Health Center serves are extremely impoverished and have never before received a pelvic exam. CureCervicalCancer is thrilled to be able to bring the women of this region the preventative care they need! With substantial help from IMC and Erica Tavares, CCC was able to meet with Ekin Ogutogullari, Dayan Woldenmichael, Grace Muthumbi, and Ulo Benson of the IMC Kenya Team and visit the Langata Health Center facilities on October 30, 2013. Without their ground support, this part of the project would not have been possible!

    Part 1 Completed: November 2013

    CCC is excited to announce two new sustainable See and Treat clinics: The Mela Kent Clinic in Engos, Kenya, and The Mary Clinic in Wukra, Ethiopia!

    We have been invited by Africa Mission Services of USA to establish a sustainable See and Treat clinic (which will be named “Cure Cervical Cancer: The Mela Kent Clinic,” generously donated by her grandsons) at the Engos Medical Center, located 6 hours north of Nairobi, Kenya. The women of this part of Kenya have never had a pelvic exam.

    The incidence of cervical cancer in this area is among the highest in the world.

    For this trip, we were thrilled to have with us a team of 10 emergency room doctors and nurses as volunteers! CCC also went on two site visits for future clinics.

    Our first project with International Medical Corps was with Ekin Ogutogullari, the County Director of Kenya IMC. Our first stop was in Nairobi, Kenya, to visit the Langetta Women’s Prison by invitation of International Medical Corps. Many of the women incarcerated in this prison are there for their own protection. After the Langetta Prison site visit, we met with Ekin at the IMC office and arranged details for our return in April 2014 for the establishment of a sustainable, ongoing Screen and Treat center with IMC.

    CCC headed directly from Nairobi to Engos, Kenya. We taught local doctors and nurses the See and Treat procedure. The CCC: The Mela Kent Clinic had its opening on November 1, 2013. There was been much publicity about our arrival (see blog), and we expected hundreds of Maasai women to have their first pelvic exam ever!

    CCC then traveled a short distance to the large city of Kisumu, Kenya. Kisumu is a Columbia University, Millennium Cities Initiative location. We met with MCI representatives and the County Director of Health in Kisumu to start a collaboration on a future See and Treat clinic in May 2014 at either the Migosi Health Center or The Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital. We then traveled north into Ethiopia to re-visit and re-supply CCC’s fully sustainable clinic in Mekele at the Ayder Hospital, and established a new satellite CCC permanent See and Treat clinic (which was named “Cure Cervical Cancer: The Mary Clinic”) in the town of Wukra, 45km outside of Mekele.

    Please visit our blog and Facebook page for more information on the Kenya Project.

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