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    Vietnam Programs

    Part 3 Completed: December, 2015

    The CureCervicalCancer team consisting of Dr. Minako Watabe, CCC travel nurse Caitlin Cawley, RN, CCC Coordinators Jacquelyn Dang, Yvonne Nong & Stephen Morris, and volunteer David Bruss traveled to the most northeastern part of Vietnam to establish two clinics: The Phyllis and Bart Cohen Clinic in Mong Cai and The Cervical Cancer Prevention Clinic in Hai Ha.

    During the week long “See and Treat” program establishment, the team trained 14 healthcare providers who will be providing cervical cancer screening to women in and around Mong Cai. On the very first day, a crowd of nearly 200 women had already formed outside the clinic doors. After hosting our didactic lecture, all trainees were quick to begin their hands-on-training component of the procedure. By the end of the week, we screened/treated a record breaking 2,795 women at Mong Cai Hospital and Hai Ha Medical Center.

    The team looks forward to returning in 2016!

    Part 1 Completed: May 24-31, 2014

    The CureCervicalCancer Team traveled to Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam in order to establish three clinics in May, 2014! CCC partnered with the UCLA Obstetrics and Gynecology Department in order to sponsor a UCLA OB/GYN faculty member to accompany the CCC Team on this project. Team members included Patricia Gordon MD, Rita Oregon MD (UCLA OB/GYN affiliated), Erica Oberman MD (CCC’s sponsored UCLA OB/GYN faculty member), Doris Pesina RN, Rhia Bello RN, Elsa Miramontes RN, Melanie Miller, Jacquelyn Dang, Cullen Hallinan, Stephen Morris, and Cyrus Nguyen.

    Through the hard work and ground support of Mr. Phung Xuan Vu, Dr. Gordon’s friend and avid CCC supporter, the CureCervicalCancer Team focused our work at the Quang Ninh Center for Reproductive Health Care, where healthcare professionals from this healthcare facility and two outlying, rural healthcare centers were trained in the See and Treat procedure. The CCC Team screened approximately 1,200 women during this week! By the end of this week, CureCervicalCancer established three more permanent, sustainable cervical cancer “See and Treat” clinics!

    This region, located in the northern part of Vietnam, is one of the most highly sex-trafficked areas in the country; therefore, HPV runs rampant among the women of this area. Many women from the outlying, impoverished towns have never before received a gynecological exam, and CCC is thrilled to be able to bring these women the preventative care they need!

    Part 2 Completed: Dec 8-12, 2014

    After a highly successful trip in May 2014, the CureCervicalCancer team returned to the Quang Ninh Province in December 2014 to establish two new clinics and retrain/resupply the three existing clinics. Team members included Founding Director and Board Chair Dr. Patricia Gordon, Board Members Judy Carmel and Judy Laner, Dr. Lirona Katzir, CCC coordinators Jacquelyn Dang and Shivam Zaver, and volunteers Cullen Hallinan and Melanie Miller.

    The two new clinics at Uong Bi and Dong Trieu screened over 600 patients and treated over 80 patients in just one week’s time! This is in addition to the nearly 800 patients screened and 140 treated in our three existing clinics (located at the Quang Ninh Reproductive Center, Cam Pha, and Hoanh Bo). We have the utmost confidence in our ground partners in Vietnam, who not only worked tirelessly to help us establish these clinics, but who also continue to sustain this massive operation by screening and treating an impressive number of women each month (nearly 1,000 screenings and 150 treatments with Cryotherapy per month!).




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